Let's go Back to Basics

Today I met with Unley resident Julie outside the Unley Shopping Centre.
We talked about my Back to Basics proposals listed on my election flyer.

She liked my ideas of re-focusing on fixing issues in our streets eg. street trees, verge planting, trip hazards on the brick paving, street lights, weed control, street and footpath sweeping etc. - rather than ongoing spending on many (far too many) high cost projects.
Julie agreed that we need to get back to basics.
However, what impressed her most the fact that I was walking across Unley's suburbs and hand delivering my flyers via letterbox.
She commented that a lot of election material was being distributed via junk mail, wrapped inside Coles and Woolworths catalogues. She liked my personal touch.
She felt that my black and white flyers showed a more personal touch and was more environmentally friendly.
It was pleasing to get feedback, especially about not having glossy colour brochures.

I have deliberately run an environmentally friendly campaign.
No nasty plastic posters up poles.
No glossy colour brochures.
Meaningful words and not just hollow sounding slogans.
Easy to read and straight to the point.
No emails sent to people I don't know.

Its getting time to vote. Postal votes are appearing in the letterboxes.

Make your vote count! Make it really count!!
Vote for a real people person who cares.
Vote for someone who does listen to you!


Your best choice (by far)! #Mayor4Unley

written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035 #unley #mayor