Majority women in Unley

For the past 6 months I have been pushing and promoting to get more women on #Unley Council. At least to nominate and stand as candidates.
I’m pleased to see the healthy numbers of women nominating to be a Councillor  in Unley. Some are still thinking about it.
In my local area, in Goodwood Ward, there is always a healthy number of candidates. However, this election is different. The current count of who is or who might be nominating in Goodwood is a total of 7 candidates; 5 female and 2 male.
Across Unley there is a healthy number of women running.
The end result may be that Council has a majority of women.
I’m delighted that the push for more women has worked.
I stand by my forecast that there will be 7-9 new faces on Council.
This will require a #Mayor with ability to bring together the majority of new Councillors and forge a new Council.
I have the skills to bring together the new Council.
For the best outcome for Unley ...
Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley
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Don’t waste your vote.

Written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035