A greener Unley

We have lost so many big trees across the #Unley suburbs.
So much lost green tree canopy!
As #Mayor of Unley I will do whatever and explore every option, to reverse the decline. The major issue is a lack of real control of big trees on private properties.
We need State Government support to increase Council's control and help stop the senseless felling of trees that get in the way of high density development.
It doesn't need to be draconian control, rather it needs a common sense approach.
I want to see more Council funding of conservation grants to fund pruning and maintenance of these magnificent big trees. The annual budget for this activity is inadequate.
I want to see trees given realistic values to deter them from being cut down. Not $50, not $100, not $500 ... they deserve a more realistic value to reflect their contribution to filtering the environment over their lifetime. Experts are suggesting values of $50,000 to $100,000 for the old and big trees. It would make people think twice before felling a tree just for the convenience of having no leaves in a recently installed swimming pool.
There are many options being floated and I want all of them assessed and considered by the new Council.

We have magnificent parks across Unley and we should be planting more trees in our parks ... suitable trees (preferably native) that will one day become huge and significant.

With regard to our street trees, we need re-assess the types of trees used when replacing ageing and diseased trees. There must be a greater emphasis on planting suitable native trees. It's just sad to see so many exotic trees planted in our streets; trees that don't attract any birds.

It comes down to a common sense approach and working with the community.

To get better controls for our trees, I would appreciate your support.
I am driving this campaign to get a greener Unley.
Stop the senseless destruction of our urban forest.

It's your choice.
Your best choice is to Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley
Don't waste your vote!
Don't listen to others with fuzzy slogans.
Support my campaign for a greener Unley.
Bob will get it done!

Written and authorised by bob schnell 10 halmon avenue everard park 5035