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Native bee hotels

We need to look after the native bees in our gardens. They have special needs like the type of flowering plants and a place to live. Why not consider building a ‘bee hotel’ to encourage more to live in your garden. It’s a great family (or school) project. A ‘bee hotel’ comprises many pieces of wood with long holes drilled. Small diameter hollow bamboo is ideal. Google ‘bee hotel’ for more information. Give it some thought. We need to encourage and protect native bees in our gardens.
I’m all abuzz about the upcoming #Unley Council election. Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley

Written and authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035

Show time in Unley

The Royal Show is always a great event. A big hit on the pocket, but lots of fun for the kids. Also the local traders on #GoodyRoad do a brisk business. But, beware and don’t get hit by a parking fine. #Unley Council rigorously patrols the area to ensure that residents are not inconvenienced eg. by cars parking across driveways. It’s best to take public transport to the Show. Less hassle, a low cost and you can stay as long as you want.

Written and authorised by BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035

Plastic straws suck

Just so pleased that my motion to ban plastic straws in Unley was approved by Unley Council on 27 August, 2018.
This is a great outcome and reflects the sentiments in the community.
During debate, my motion was described by fellow Councillor Michael Hewitson as demonstrating leadership.
I will continue to pursue environmentally friendly initiatives at Unley Council.

Here is a copy of the motion and background information that I provided ...

MOTION: That: 1. That plastic straws be banned from being dispensed at all Council events, Council sponsored events and private functions held at Council venues. 2. The ban on plastic straws being dispensed at Council events, Council sponsored events and private functions held at Council venues take effect from 1 January 2019. 3. Where appropriate, Council promote the use of non-plastic straws eg. those made from paper, hemp and other emerging sources. 4. Dispensation from any plastic straw ban be given to those people in genuine need due to health issues …

What to plant there?

It can be difficult selecting a plant for that special spot at home. You may want a tree or a shrub, something for the shade or a sunny location. To make the decision much easier, the Botanic Gardens has a plant selector website. You can refine your search to postcode, height, aspect, soil type etc. Give it a try.

Here’s the link to the website

Your best choice (by far)


We want you ...

written & authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035

NAPLAN concern

There is always chatter about NAPLAN and its validity in measuring the skills of children.
Angst by kids sitting the test, angst by parents re the results and concern about some schools coaching kids in preparation for the test.
I understand that concern.
Statistically there is real concern about the validity of mixing results from 2 sources viz. written vs. online. Ask any statistician.
At the 12th hour, the NAPLAN national assessment authority, ACARA, is wondering just what to do.
What should have been done is that ACARA should have validated the methodology and gained support from schools before embarking on inclusion of online tests and merging results.
There should have been consultation and consensus before embarking on this experiment.
An expert statistical assessment would have probably raised concern about the validity.
It's all very sad.
Now (as reported in the media) there is the likelihood of reputational damage to NAPLAN.
A High School Principal (Ms Ross) described the mixed re…

Basketball court mural

An Australian first in #Unley !! The first basketball court mural painted by local artist Matt Fortrose ️ Go and see the Unley Colour Court at Page Park (corner of Cross Road & East Avenue, Clarence Park).
This is the first of Unley's six Arts In Your Space projects.
View the video
Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Your #BestChoice4Unley
I will fight for funding for more of these small & exciting projects that inject vibrancy into our local parks!

#Mayor Written and authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035

My push for a green Unley

I'm always up for a challenge; a fight to achieve the best outcome for #Unley.
I commit to you to do whatever to deliver affordable and common sense outcomes.
For example, my push to green Unley and get more street streets planted; with tree species that are better suited to our changing climate.

Vote 1 BOB SCHNELL #Mayor4Unley Your best choice!
I took this photo on a recent holiday in Andamooka (July 2018). This art work is on the wall of the Andamooka Opal Hotel. It depicts my campaign to be Mayor.
Written & authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035