Driving change at Unley

I want to see a greener and more sustainable Unley.
More street trees!
I support replacing old poorly performing trees with new trees that are better suited to our environment. Replacing 1 tree with 2+ has been my vision and my passion. This has already started!
More planting of the verges!
Preferably by residents who will adopt and maintain the new green verge.
Joining the war on waste!
My passion. I want to help fix the waste crisis in Unley, a crisis impacting all Councils.
Driving real change at Unley Council!
My words, my passion and my commitment to all Unley residents.

To get real change, Vote 1 Bob Schnell #Mayor4Unley at the election.

#Unley #Mayor

Written & authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Ave, Everard Park 5035