Unley workshop on water wise garden

Grow Grow Grow Your Own, an Unley based sustainable community group is holding a workshop on Sunday 8th July, 2.30pm.
The topic is "Managing water use in your garden".

This is a fantastic community group and the workshops are popular.
I encourage you consider attending.
Below is an extract from an email I received about the upcoming event.
See you there - Bob
Hi fellow veggie growers
Please find attached our flier for the fourth workshop for 2018; the topic is "Managing water use in your garden".  The workshop is at 2.30pm on Sunday 8th July at Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St, Unley.  The workshop will be led by Melissa Bradley, Program Manager for Water Sensitive SA.  Melissa is a strong advocate for the creation of more liveable cities and towns using integrated water management objectives and best practice water sensitive urban design.  Please see the flier for more information on the workshop and dates for our other workshops for 2018.

Please indicate your attendance by emailing peter.croft@mmc.com.au or phoning Peter on 0401 122 547.

We look forward to seeing you on 8th July.

2.30 pm on Sunday 8th July
at  Unley Community Centre
18 Arthur Street Unley.

Register at peter.croft@mmc.com.au
or 0401122547

Workshop details

No matter the size of our garden, managing the amount of water that we use is difficult. And it will become more difficult as summers get drier and hotter.

Our fourth workshop focuses on the options that might help us. It will be run by Mellissa Bradley, the Program Manager for Water SensitiveSA. Mellissa is a strong advocate for the creation of more liveable cities and towns using integrated water management objectives and best practice water sensitive urban design. Mellissa has 25 years’ experience working within the fields of civil design, development assessment, and environmental and construction management.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • How to construct a rain-garden in your backyard.
  • Rain-garden plant species selection and placement.
  • Pervious paving - permeable and porous paving alternatives to conventional hard surfaces to enhance soil moisture.
  • Infiltration systems to re-use rainwater to sustain urban trees.

Cost: free.

Thanks to a generous Unley Council grant:

If you have any excess produce to share, bring that too!

Future Workshops: Our next workshops will be about Growing bush foods and revegetating with native plants (19th August), and Experimenting in your edible garden with fruit trees and vegetables (30th September) so make sure that you are on our email list.

Growing from Seeds: We have started distributing seeds of popular vegetables at our workshops together with seed-raising mix. The idea is some seedlings for you and some for a refugee garden project in Kilburn. We hope that you can join us in this project.

Community garden beds: We would like to talk to members of the Unley community interested in hosting garden beds for shared produce.   

Questions and problems: we are always keen to help you to grow your own vegetables. Please contact Pat on 0407 608 345 if you need help.

Sustainable Communities SA – Unley groups


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