Unley Council budget deals

At the recent Unley Council meeting, Councillor Jennie Boisvert asked a question about a letter that Councillor Michael Hewitson had published in the EC Messenger on 09 May 2018.
She asked if Cr Hewitson's public statement had brought all Unley Councillors and the Council into disrepute.

In his letter, Cr Hewitson claimed that Unley Councillors had 'supported each other' to get their wish lists included in the budget over the past 8 years; and that the rate increase was then set to pay for the wish lists.

This is totally untrue. In fact, I dropped some of my wish list items to try to keep rates low.

I am just so angry with such a public accusation. It was a ghastly claim!

I believe that it does bring all the other Councillors and Unley Council into disrepute.
photo of Michael Hewitson
Written and authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035


  1. Good to see you trying to keep my rates low.
    Keep trying.
    I think you are right in suggesting to cancel the TDU street party. A waste of money. What does it deliver to us in Fullarton? Bugger all!

  2. Keep up the fight to lower rates.
    I don’t support the TDU street party.
    It has been good but now it’s a bit ho hum

  3. the TDU street party on King William Road has had its day.
    Now it is just too expensive.
    I would prefer to have the footpaths fixed in Parkside!!!


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