Parkside traffic calming

A recent public workshop at #Unley Council reviewed the extensive plans to calm traffic across Parkside.
It’s a huge area bounded by Unley Road, Greenhill Road, Glen Osmond Road and Fullarton Road. The most troublesome area is north and north east Parkside. In the mornings during peak hour, rat runners are a big problem.
The proposed road and street treatments are extensive with a forecast of cutting the rat running by 50%. Reducing it to zero would be great, but that would seriously inconvenience local residents.
Given the problem with parking in Parkside, uniform parking controls (eg. 3H) are being considered.
The draft 3018/2019 budget has provision for $215k.
This will be supplemented by $150k from a ‘Fund your neighbourhood’ grant and more from Govt. ‘Black Spot’ funding.
This funding will enable all high priority options to be completed in Year 1.

Prior to any works being started, local residents (in that street) will be consulted to ensure there is majority local support.

The lower priority actions will be performed in future years.

It is critical that Council continues to provide healthy levels of funding for traffic management solutions across Unley.