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Cyclists wanted in Unley

CYCLISTS WANTED to volunteer for an experiment.The University of SA will conduct a study to evaluate the effects of dried fruit & nuts on exercise performance & recovery.All food will be provided; just dried fruit & nuts.
You will get $200 upon completion of the study.For some reason the study is only for males. Why? (Let me know if you find out.)
Sounds like a worthwhile study, so give it consideration.
For more information: see the photo and email or phone 83021365.#Unley #Cycle #Cyclist Vote 1 Bob Schnell #Mayor4Unley to enhance cycle & walking paths across Unley.
Written & authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Ave, Everard Park 5035

Unley Rainbow

An #Unley rainbow this afternoon  Looking east.
Written & authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Ave, Everard Park 5035

More women @ Unley Council

Good to see a response to my push to get more women on #Unley Council. There will be 7-9 new Councillors after the next election in Oct-Nov. An ideal time to balance the genders. At the recent Council Meeting a potential female candidate sat in the gallery to observe proceedings and to see what it was all about. She sat there for the entire meeting proving she has the stamina to be a Councillor.
Here’s hope that the new Council will have many more women.
Written & authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Ave, Everard Park 5035

Unley workshop on water wise garden

Grow Grow Grow Your Own, an Unley based sustainable community group is holding a workshop on Sunday 8th July, 2.30pm.
The topic is "Managing water use in your garden".

This is a fantastic community group and the workshops are popular.
I encourage you consider attending.
Below is an extract from an email I received about the upcoming event.
See you there - Bob
Hi fellow veggie growers
Please find attached our flier for the fourth workshop for 2018; the topic is "Managing water use in your garden".  The workshop is at 2.30pm on Sunday 8th July at Unley Community Centre, 18 Arthur St, Unley.  The workshop will be led by Melissa Bradley, Program Manager for Water Sensitive SA.  Melissa is a strong advocate for the creation of more liveable cities and towns using integrated water management objectives and best practice water sensitive urban design.  Please see the flier for more information on the workshop and dates for our other workshops for 2018.

Please indicate your …

Bob Schnell Mayor4Unley


Parkside traffic calming

A recent public workshop at #Unley Council reviewed the extensive plans to calm traffic across Parkside. It’s a huge area bounded by Unley Road, Greenhill Road, Glen Osmond Road and Fullarton Road. The most troublesome area is north and north east Parkside. In the mornings during peak hour, rat runners are a big problem. The proposed road and street treatments are extensive with a forecast of cutting the rat running by 50%. Reducing it to zero would be great, but that would seriously inconvenience local residents. Given the problem with parking in Parkside, uniform parking controls (eg. 3H) are being considered. The draft 3018/2019 budget has provision for $215k. This will be supplemented by $150k from a ‘Fund your neighbourhood’ grant and more from Govt. ‘Black Spot’ funding. This funding will enable all high priority options to be completed in Year 1.
Prior to any works being started, local residents (in that street) will be consulted to ensure there is majority local support.
The lower pri…

Unley Street Trees

There has been recent public comment about the decline in tree canopy across Unley. It is claimed there has been a 20% loss. Blame is being attributed to residents and developers felling trees on private property.
But, what is reality? What is actually factual? Back in 2016 Unley Council implemented a regeneration tree program as part of a 2016-19 tree strategy. The target was renewal of 2,000 Street trees in 5 years with many trees removed to be replaced by 2 trees. At the time, Council clearly understood that the canopy cover would decline and then rapidly rise. So - in 4 years we will have a far greater tree canopy than we had 2 years ago.
I’m so annoyed that an operational activity designed to increase tree canopy has been so unfairly attacked. It would be unfortunate to have the street tree renewal program stopped.
I supported the tree renewal program back in 2016 and I will continue to support it over the next 2 years. It just makes sense!

Vote 1 Bob Schnell for Unley Mayor to increas…

The Travelling Table @ Unley

A fabulous Sunday night at the #Unley Town Hall hosting the ‘The Travelling Table’.
Many courses of simple Italian food cooked by a team of Nonnas, just like they cook at home.
The decorations were rustic style - branches of olive tree (with olives still attached) supporting strands of mood lighting.
On the balcony, Italian voices entertained us and encouraged us to singalong.
Good Italian tucker and excellent company.

The Unley Town Hall should be used more for such events.

The Travelling Table = ‘Celebrating migrant food, culture & stories from South Australian kitchens’.

about The Travelling Table

A good repair job

The Unley Repair Cafe held monthly (on the last Saturday of the month) at Clarence Park Community Centre would not be successful without the many volunteer skilled workers. Most are Unley residents.
When I took my broken chair to be repaired I was assigned to Peter Moors.
It took a while to remove the broken screw.
The rest of the repair job went quickly.
Here's a photo of Peter Moors holding the repaired chair.

more info on the repair job ...

#Unley #RepairCafe #UnleyRepairCafe

Repaired at Unley Repair Cafe

The Unley Repair Cafe held monthly (on the last Saturday of the month) at Clarence Park Community Centre is just fantastic.
Such a great concept and all made possible by a large group of skilled volunteers.
I went to the May session and took my broken bentwood chair.
The chair had a wonky leg with a screw broken off (inside the wood).
It was a tricky job, but Unley resident and volunteer Peter Moors fixed it.
Peter did a great repair job and I picked up a couple of tips.
Every repaired job gets a photo.
Here is a pic of me absolutely delighted with the repaired chair.
#Unley #RepairCafe #UnleyRepairCafe

Unley Council budget deals

At the recent Unley Council meeting, Councillor Jennie Boisvert asked a question about a letter that Councillor Michael Hewitson had published in the EC Messenger on 09 May 2018. She asked if Cr Hewitson's public statement had brought all Unley Councillors and the Council into disrepute.
In his letter, Cr Hewitson claimed that Unley Councillors had 'supported each other' to get their wish lists included in the budget over the past 8 years; and that the rate increase was then set to pay for the wish lists.
This is totally untrue. In fact, I dropped some of my wish list items to try to keep rates low.
I am just so angry with such a public accusation. It was a ghastly claim!
I believe that it does bring all the other Councillors and Unley Council into disrepute. photo of Michael Hewitson #Unley Written and authorised by Bob Schnell, 10 Halmon Avenue, Everard Park 5035