Fix Shared Path @ Musgrave Street, Goodwood

Great news for cyclists and pedestrians passing through Goodwood.
Upgrade works are about to start at the intersection of Musgrave Street / Railway Terrace South/ Mike Turtur Bikeway Path.

A safety issue was identified and poor sight lines and other safety issues are to be fixed.

The works will commence on Tuesday, 8 May 2018 and will be completed by 5 June 2018.

This is a great outcome for this busy Shared Path.


  1. AS a cyclist, I don't think this fix will be an improvement considering the width of the entry and exit points and the volume of bikes using the path. They will NOT slow down! A better use of the money would be to fix the uplifted pavers due to tree roots along the path - they are getting dangerous.

    1. Yes, it will not slow down the cyclists.
      I have already asked for the uplifted pavers to be fixed. Hopefully soon.


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