Cyclist vs. Pedestrian

Pedestrians have a priority over cyclists and motorists; in most cases.
On a shared pedestrian/cycle path, the cyclist must look out for and give way to pedestrians, especially at crossovers eg. at tram stops. It is rare to see a cyclist slow down and give way to and care about a pedestrian. Usually the bike just barrels through.
It's damn annoying, damn rude and just irresponsible.
Yes, there are some responsible cyclists, but most are in a world of their own; with a sole intent of getting there as quickly as possible.

Unley Council has trialed the installation of signs 'painted' on the shared paths asking cyclists to slow down. The bikes just burn rubber as they fly over the top. It was a wasted experiment.

#Unley Councillor Don Palmer has taken the bicycle handle-bars and given them a good a shake in his recent blog about lack of courtesy on the road. I agree with his observations and comments.
Have a read what Don said


  1. yes, there are some really crazy cyclists.
    They are a law unto themselves.

  2. To expect cyclists to slow down on busy designated bike paths like the Mike Turtur bike path is unrealistic, there are commuters getting to work, not going for an amble. Why not recognise that fact and do more to separate pedestrians and cyclists safely instead of wasting money on "solutions" which are never going to work, like expecting cyclists to dismount in the middle or at the end of a busy bike path like the Mike Turtur!! Pedestrians should realise that if they keep walking in a straight line, cyclists will go round them safely. And what is the problem with feeling the "wind" from a cyclist going past if they are not close enough to have a collision? Everyone just keep carrying on!


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