Hudson flanked by Blues

A big crowd #onKWR last night at the #UnleyGala in #Unley for the #TDU.
Sturt Double Blues supporters were there in force.
Long time Sturt supporter Cr Mike Hudson lined up for a photo with Sue and Jason from Sturt FC.
I've never seen Mike so happy.


  1. Hudson, the new ruck at Sturt!!

  2. What a sensational photo! Is that a Sturt membership badge pinned just above the girth. The last frontier surely now is to attend a match at Unley Oval.

    1. That badge he wears is one of the original Sturt membership badges.
      It's a real collectors' item. Must be worth a quid!
      He wears it with pride.
      I will get Mike to attend a home match this year.
      I might see if I can get him to toss the coin ;)

  3. Secretly, Mike Hudson is a Double Blues man


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