2 down @ Unley

An interesting meeting last night at Unley Council.
Mayor Lachlan Clyne chaired his last meeting. He has resigned; and left the building.
Councillor Peter Hughes was elected as Acting Mayor until the Council elections in October 2018.
Councillor Michael Hewitson was elected Deputy Mayor; replacing Councillor Don Palmer.
The shock news came towards the end of the meeting when Councillor John Koumi advised that he had resigned.
So #Unley Council was 13 members and is now down to 11.

It will be an interesting journey @ Unley over the next 9 months.


  1. Staggered to hear of 2 resignations at Unley Coumcil.
    More to come?

    1. I hope not.
      We all need to move on and get on with the job.
      Yes, it will be difficult over the next 9 months.

  2. Thought mayor had already resigned and left.
    Which area did John Koumi represent?

    1. John was elected in the Parkside Ward.
      The same area as represented by Councillor Mike Hudson.


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