Christmas tomato

An Aussie Christmas tradition is to pick your first home grown tomatoes before 25 December.
There is often a competition amongst friends and other gardeners in your street.
There was much joy (to me) when I picked my first on 14 December.
Yesterday I picked another 6.
I'm not boasting, but it is now starting to feel like Christmas.
No more tasteless tomatoes bought from the shop.
Nothing beats a home grown tomato dressed with basil leaves, cracked pepper and a drizzle of good olive oil.
A healthy breakfast with toast!


  1. my partner also always boasts about picking a tomato before Christmas. what is is about blokes and tomatoes??

    1. Years ago we had hot cars to impress others.
      As we age we tend to mellow and grow tomatoes.

    2. Hot cars do nothing for me.
      But a big red juicy tomato grown at home is the best!


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