Mega supermarket @ Le Cornu

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Germany’s Kaufland buys Le Cornu site, Forestville, for $25m to set up giant 20,000sq m supermarket.

Wow. That's huge and will probably fill the whole Le Cornu site.
Kaufland builds mega supermarkets that are typically 4-5 times the size of a Coles or Woolworths store.

A positive outcome is that there won't be an 8 storey building (or will there be apartments above?).
A negative outcome is the huge influx of cars bringing shoppers. The traffic impact on local streets will be heavy.

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  1. My understanding is that the project is single storey.

    1. Jennie, you may be right. It certainly would be the fastest way to get the mega mart up and trading. However, I'm not so sure. I wouldn't be surprised to see some high rise on the site. Construction of the upper floors could continue whilst the ground floor is open for business.

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