Unley Central re-zoned

last night (Thursday 30 March 2017) Unley Council debated and resolved the Unley Central DPA
ie. the rezoning of the Unley Central Precinct.

Here is what Council resolved:
In broad terms, what it means in terms of possible development is:

·         Unley Road west side
Area behind soldiers memorial gardens – 5 storeys 
Unley Shopping centre site- 7 storeys
Target/ Barzaar/ Medical centre site- 9 storeys.

·         Unley Road Eastern side
North of Oxford Terrace- 5 storeys

·         Oxford Terrace 
(north side) e.g. St. Spyridons etc. – 3 storeys.

·         Civic Centre Block
Cottages on Edmund Avenue to be kept as is.
Village Green to be kept as is.
The kindergarten to be kept as is.
The Cottage (community services) to be kept as is.
The existing civic centre/ Admin site plus adjacent carpark- 3 storeys (in case there is any redevelopment of the Admin site by a future Council following community consultation)
No residential usage on this block apart from the existing use of the church manse

It was a little bit high in places for my liking eg. I wanted 3 storey instead of 5 storey and 5 storey instead of 9 storey, but most importantly Council resolved that the Civic Centre site be 3 storey with no residential; just (future) Council buildings. A good outcome that satisfies the community and the majority of Council.

Now, we need to put this behind us and move on.


  1. i am real pleased with the outcome for east side of Unley Road.
    the west side of Unley is way too high.


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