Jayne works Leah Street

This week I met with a group of residents to discuss traffic issues in their street; Leah Street, Forestville.
The residents had invited local Labor MP Steph Key. Steph brought a ministerial advisor and also Jayne Stinson, the freshly endorsed Labor candidate for Badcoe (formerly the seat of Ashford).
The discussion was about how to reduce the traffic volume and reduce the number of heavy commercial vehicles that pass through Leader, Leah and East Avenue, taking a shortcut to the South.
I am confident that Minister Mullighan will do something to ease the plight of the locals.
It's an interesting outcome given that Unley Mayor Lachlan Clyne (and front-runner potential Liberal candidate for Badcoe) had visited the street a couple of weeks back to discuss these issues with residents.

The Liberals are very slow in selecting their candidate for Badcoe.
Meanwhile, the Labor candidate Jayne Stinson is working the streets and getting a lot of help from Steph Key.