South Road Bridge

I have just been updated by DPTI about the condition of the Tram Stop 6 Bridge and they have provided the following information…. 
DPTI Community Engagement teams have been out speaking to local businesses impacted by the closure of South Road.  We have managed to improve some of the impediments for businesses to ensure, no cones are blocking business access points and that traffic management staff are accommodating to all vehicles, such as courier drivers.

The following information was discussed with businesses and DPTI is promoting on social media that businesses remain trading as usual.

South Road remains closed between Cross Road and ANZAC Hwy.

The overpass structure consists of five beams and it’s the fifth beam which supports the combined cycle and walking path has tilted towards the edge of the bridge posing a safety risk. The beam sits on bearings and that tilting has caused those bearings to compress on one side.

Engineers are not yet certain what has caused this and investigations are continuing with departmental and private sector engineers as well as independent bridge experts.

Our priority is safety and getting the road section opened as soon as possible. To do this, a temporary solution will be implemented before we consider a longer term solution.

Until a solution is implemented It is not safe to have any activity below the Tram Overpass given the risk posed to motorists and pedestrians.  The area is cordoned off and security is stationed on site to assist.  Work teams are currently implementing the solution on site.

We appreciate the inconvenience that this has on residents and businesses, and we sincerely apologise for the inconvenience.

Engineers worked overnight to determine the best solution, which will be to construct a brace securing the fifth beam.  This requires a brace to be specifically fabricated and is being done as a priority. While we are working as fast as possible to do this, we hold further concerns with predicted thunderstorms this evening.  We cannot have people working on site in storm conditions.  This may further delay progress.  Given these factors, we cannot provide a definitive time frame for reopening the road.  We anticipate that we will have the road open by the weekend.
Given the severity of the problem and the risk, my understanding is that in reality this section of South Road will be closed for some time.