Unley Sky High

There has been lot of quick response from residents about Unley Council's proposed redevelopment of the Civic Centre.

Councillor Don Palmer has done an excellent blog. Read it here ...

My opinion can be seen in my comment to Don's blog.
Here's what I wrote ...

Don, I am getting similar outrage from residents.
A few in the community are stirring the pot and distributing inaccurate leaflets.
There is no real understanding of what might happen and inaccuracy in the media doesn’t help.
When it comes to a decision as to what might be built, it will need to reflect Council’s obligation to be a good corporate citizen with a development that is in harmony with its environment. That would necessitate lower ‘towers’, lots of trees, lots of underground carparks (200+) etc. This development in harmony with its environment may in fact mean that the development is not cost effective and may deter finance and developer partners.
Time will tell.
In the meantime we will continue to get flack from residents; and quite reasonably so.
My enthusiasm for this proposal is not high. 🤔


  1. There was a recent article out of a place far removed from our reality where a group of residents banded together, consolidated their blocks, employed their own architect and built a higher density complex of 3 storeys in height. The main part of the storey is that density was increased with the combined block yards being amalgamated into shared space that can change as the residents needs change, including workshop and bbq area. That report was from a distant planet called Europe, however I understand that the concept is being emulated across the border in Melbourne. The important thing is that the residents got something they were happy with and not a developer was seen anywhere.


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