Bum art

The Bum is much talked about, much loved and a frequent subject for artists.
As artists say, 'if you can get the bum right then the rest of the body will just flow'.
From a young age our fascination of the bum is fixed. There are bum jokes and bum stories; a kid's delight.
As we get older there is a different fascination in the bum.

I would not normally share such thoughts, but in my email inbox I received the following.
It's an invitation to the launch of OBUM.
It should be a good night.
A bit of a bummer that I have another commitment that night.

Dear friends and fellow travelers. You are invited to the opening of OBUM! OBUM! is Deborah Baldassi's celebration of something which we would all rather put behind us - our bottoms.It includes  classic bottoms, the quirky bottoms of the Acrobutts, Burlesque Bumbushkas and the presidential posteriors of Barrack OBuma and Donald tRUMP. A classic bum and a Burlesque Bumbushka are attached to whet your appetite. You can see more on facebook.Or better still come to the opening. It is interactive in the old fashioned way with real people, live music and three dimensional objects.OBum! opens at 6pm on December 6 at Jah'z Lounge, (on Vaughan Place Adelaide, just across from the Elephant and the Exeter Hotels and on the corner where you turn to walk to Palace Cinemas).It will be opened by Adelaide arts identity and Bum Vivant Ewart Shaw.We look forward to seeing you there!