Green Mango Chutney 🌶

I was shopping at my local favourite Indian grocer, buying rice and papadams.
The owner is actually Pakastani; a lovely woman.
We chat about recipes, ingredients and share cooking experiences.
I spotted some long green mangoes and asked what to do with them; why do people buy green mangoes?
She explained that they are best used to make a green mango chutney called 'Kairi Ki'.
I asked for the recipe and she explained in detail and I asked her to write it down.
Her mother (out here on holiday for 6 months) was delighted by my interest and helped with describing the ingredients and qualitities; there was lots of gesturing to help me understand.
Both women were delighted by my enthusiasm to create a Pakistani dish.
I went home and made the Kairi Ki chutney to have with the curry I had planned.

Here's the recipe ...

Green Mango Chutney (Kairi Ki)
3 green mangoes
a big handful of fresh mint (just the leaves)
a few hot green chillies (optional, but a must for me)
1 teaspoon of sugar
salt to taste (just a few pinches)
1 teaspoon of cumin seeds

Remove the flesh from the mangoes.
Put the lot in a blender and blend; make a creamy paste.
Add more sugar and salt to suit your taste.

Use as an accompaniment; as a side dish for a curry; or why not any dish, meat or vegetable.
Excellent as a dip or on papadams.

Keep in the fridge for up to a week.

Enjoy ✅

ps next time I will try my own version with ripe mangoes and red chillies 🌶


  1. Green mango curry is another delicious dish worth recreating.


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