A rough week ☕️

I've had a bit of a rough week or so.
My home espresso coffee machine had to go in for repair; it had a bit of a leak.
It had done just over 3 years, making about 10 coffees a day; that's about 11,000 coffees.
That's about 220,000 beans I ground.
Fortunately I had a backup Nespresso capsule machine (used when I travel).
That was better than instant coffee, but even the top quality capsules only rate a maximum of 6/10 compared with 10/10 for an espresso using quality coffee beans.
I collected the machine today and life is back to normal.
I'm just a bit twitchy from the quick succession of a few short blacks whilst I calibrated and reset the settings to my preferences. ☕️☕️☕️