Nuclear Storage SA

The debate has commenced on the proposal to store high level nuclear waste deep underground in the far north of South Australia.
It will gain momentum over the next 12 months.
The economic benefit to SA is huge.
The risk seems to be contained.
The people will decide in 1-2 years.
It needs to be a well informed and educated decision.

The recent issue of Resourcing SA has an excellent article on the subject by Ms Kyra Reznikov who has toured nuclear storage facilities across the globe.
The bottom line will be if the people of SA fully understand the storage process and the associated risk; of the waste buried 500m.
To put the risk into perspective, Reznikov examines a storage facility under construction in Finland. In the worst case scenario, if the steel/copper canister containing the nuclear waste rods is defective ... then if a person stood on the ground above the facility for one year then they would be exposed to the equivalent of one tenth of a banana! Yes, bananas (and some other food) contain natural radiation. 🍌
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