Letter to media 07/09/2016

Here's a letter to the editor, published on 07 September 2016 ...

Buy local
Eastern Courier Messenger, Adelaide 07 Sep 2016
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I SUPPORT Messenger Community News's campaign to shop and buy local.

It may mean paying a small amount more, but it means helping local producers on farms and in factories survive.

It means keeping and growing jobs in SA.

Unley Council and all councils across the State must pursue a policy to buy local. It's just common sense.

BOB SCHNELL, Councillor, Unley Council


  1. 100% support SA manufacturing. What's more, there is a multiplier effect of between 2 and, in some cases, 7 times the benefit. That is, for every $1 spent on SA manufactured goods, the benefit to the state/local economy is multiplied. That is also true for the taxes that go to pay for our schools, hospitals and other services. Without that income we transcend into an American style user pays system that is no good for anyone, especially the elderly and others on restricted income.


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