Chastised Councillors

Recently I spoke in the media (via a letter) about a crazy idea proposed by West Torrens Council. If Unley Council had proposed such, I would have been equally unkind.
The letter was published.
Then I received an email from the Acting Mayor of West Torrens. He was a bit upset by my comments and I replied appropriately. I mentioned about 'flogging a dead horse'.

And then I felt vindicated.
West Torrens Mayor John Trainer returned from leave and found all of the stuff that 'his' Council had been up to.
According to the media, he chastised his own council for approving several “rubbish” resolutions to raise with the Local Government Association, including:
that cyclists should wear high visibility gear;
that conductors should be reintroduced on buses; and
that election signs on stobie poles should be abolished; and
... probably a few more.
The Councillors at West Torrens had been busy, hard at it, whilst the Mayor was away.
The Mayor told the Council that he was concerned about both the quantity and the quality of the resolutions.

Read what the media said about West Torrens Council


  1. It sounds like the mayor needs to establish some strict ground rules, set clear expectations, drive a vision and break out the whip occasionally. Maybe the vocal council member should have his carpark substituted with a bicycle rack. He's obviously unfit to be trusted with a lethal motor vehicle.


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