Empirical data

The ABC Q&A session this week was riveting; good viewing with a science theme.
Newly elected One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts provided amusement and embarrassment (at his expense) by his scepticism of climate change; and his dismissal of everything through a lack of 'empirical evidence'.
The loveable Professor Brian Cox nearly wet himself at the encounter. He produced trend graphs for CO2 and temperature and talked about the scientific process for modelling and generating forecasts. All to no avail; Malcolm Roberts dismissed the Professor by citing corrupt and manipulated climate data and a lack of 'empirical evidence'. There seems to be a world wide manipulation of climate change data to benefit the big banks who want to trade in emission credits and make a huge profit ... according to Roberts.
It was a real hoot.
Oh, and by the way, when quizzed by Cox, Roberts did (to his credit) state that he did believe in the lunar landings. There are people out there (including an Unley Councillor) who believe that the lunar landings were faked in a warehouse in the desert in Utah (or wherever).
Amazing that he got enough votes in Queensland to get elected.

My thoughts?
Using empirical evidence that I gathered by watching the Q&A session, I reckon that Malcolm Roberts sounds like a bit of goose.
Maybe the Queenslanders are not that looney and simply voted for him by a vote for One Nation ie. maybe he flew under the radar with no one knowing about his denial of scientific facts due to a lack of empirical evidence.