Chinese power bid

Thank heavens the Federal Treasurer blocked a Chinese State company from a take-over bid for AusGrid, the NSW electricity grid. It's one matter allowing Chinese nationals to buy Aussie homes; it's another matter to allow a massive economic invasion. Actually there were two Chinese companies bidding.
The reason cited for the rejection was based on national security advice; and thus the reason could not be stated; a nice response.
A sensible decision.
And it's all a one way street with Chinese investment in Australia; using the artificially (State) priced Chinese yuan to buy up premium stock in the rest of the world. How tolerant is the Chinese State Government to foreign investment in their country. How often do we hear of ex-pats buying houses in China? We've heard of sad cases of when foreigners are economically successful in China and the State fights back to cripple them and facilitate a State takeover.
We as a nation need to be vigilant and continue to oppose significant (and strategic) investment in Australia by the Chinese, especially by State owned companies.

More and more we need to use the rational that the rejection is based on national security advice; and thus the reason can not be stated. It's the same line that China would use for Aussie investors in China.

Besides, we shouldn't be selling off our utilities.
Bad strategy and not a good long term outcome.