Voters' bubble

We've all just voted and the outcome is horrendous.
Neither party has the numbers (yet) to govern.
It's not a good outcome for sound government in Australia.
I feel cheated. Most people I have spoken with feel cheated.
Not cheated by their party not getting up; but cheated in that there is no outcome, with counting to continue over the next week.
And what of the last minute Medicare text messages issue with the police getting involved.

It is likely, maybe, a possibility that a fresh election may be called.
Whoever would win, we do need a majority government; or one formed with a solid group of independents.

Meanwhile, we live in a bubble; a bubble that will soon be pricked.

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  1. Hope we still have Medicare.
    This week many people will be going to the doctor feeling unwell

  2. Honestly, was the Medicare text that big of a deal. I had computer recordings from both Malcolm Turnbull and Penny Wong call my phone and spout some political mumbo-jumbo. Are you sure that it isn't simply people being fed up with not being listened to, having their working conditions continuously eroded for the past 40 years and getting to the point where there's little more to give before it all falls in a heap? You don't think that people are protesting against having their hard earned tax dollars being handed to overseas interests instead of being reinvested in Australia so that the dwindling middle class can afford to support the Governments and pay tax. We're following the USA policies by 10 years. The effective take home pay of the US middle class has been dwindling since the 1970's, and since the early 1980's here. At the same time company profits have been increasing in line with CEO remuneration and share bonuses. Some reports suggest that up to 40% of the US middle class is below the poverty line. The current and proposed policies and FTA's of both major parties appear to be taking us in the same direction for Australia.

    Excuse me for being cynical, however a minority government is just what this country needs.


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