Solar battery

Recently I had a solar system installed.
The cost of electricity just keeps on going up; so it was time.
I did the sums and payback will be 4-5 years; maybe less with future higher electricity cost (especially in SA).
Choosing the vendor and installer was pursued over 2 weeks.
I listened to the lies and fantasy forecasts and then made a decision on who I felt was best; and then negotiated a bit of a discount.

I had my heart set on also installing a battery system eg. the Tesla 6.4kWh battery.
No matter the brand, a battery just does not make financial sense; not yet.
In the case of the Tesla, it would have cost ~ $10k with a warranty and effective life of 10 years and only provided $6k savings ie. over 10 years I would have lost $4k and the batteries would need to be replaced to give another 10 years life.

The cost of batteries is reducing by 14% pa so by my reckoning, adding a battery (with more capacity) will be a better financial proposition in about 3 years.

If you want a chat about solar, then contact me.

Here's comment from someone who installed a battery


  1. The cost of batteries is rapidly reducing. They will be affordable in 2 years. More Litium is being mined to provide the supply


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