Just voted

Just been to vote. Did my duty.
After a long campaign it was good to finally vote.
A vote to save Medicare or create jobs and growth.
Huh? My dilemma: I want both!
So many people took their dogs on the family outing to the polling booth; despite the fact that dogs are not allowed to be on school property; but no one bothers to police that on polling day. I even saw a dog enjoying the remnants of a sausage sizzle.

The best part comes tonight. Saturday @ 6pm on ABC TV.
I just love watching the count and the commentary.
The crap we hear about trends with 1% of the vote counted; and then a change of opinion after 5% has been counted. Absolute drama.
An early family BBQ and then the TV.
A bottle of fine red wine; the best bottle from under the bed - it helps to celebrate or commiserate; and some nibbles like dark chocolate to keep up the energy; to maintain a posture on the couch.

One thing is certain. My evening won't be disrupted by Shorten or Turnbull or a local candidate calling me with a recorded message.

It's never been a more exciting time to vote in Australia 😉
The outcome of the major parties after preferences is a no brainer; we knew that weeks ago and have just been going through the motions; or at least the media has.
What I forecast is that this election will be the start of the end of dominance by the major parties. Over the years ahead, more and more independents will get elected to the House of Reps and change the face of politics in Australia. That trend will get started tonight with the strong polling for NXT (in SA) and other minor parties and independents.


  1. A long night mate and no result.
    Bet you were crawling under the bed for another bottle.


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