Bung Fritz

I grew up on bung fritz.
You grew up on bung fritz.
We all grew up on bung fritz.
We started with that free slice given at the butcher shop. Even today, all kids get offered a slice at the local butcher shop. It's an Aussie tradition.

Today, with all the other choices of salami, mettwurst and other continental meats, it's a nice change to enjoy our South Australian traditional bung fritz. It's a simple pleasure; best enjoyed as a thick sandwich.

How to make a bung fritz sandwich:
Fresh white bread with butter
Lots of good quality tomato sauce
Thick slices of bung fritz; and yes, remove the orange skin
Squeeze together until the sauce just oozes out
If you want, try adding mustard and cracked black pepper
Yum 😋

What's in bung fritz? How's it made?
Well I had a friend who visited a fritz factory and she said that if you saw how it was made you would never eat. I avoided a visit to the factory; I didn't want to kill off one of my pleasures.
How to make bung fritz:
33% finely minced beef
33% finely minced pork
33% pork fat; finely minced
1% spices and love
Mix well
Extrude into casings
The filled casing is called a bung. Tip: don't Google 'bung'.
Add the bungs to a copper with boiling water. Leave for 20 minutes.
Remove bungs and insert them into a tub of warm water with an orange dye.
Actually, any colour could be used; but who would eat blue bung fritz?
The dye only colours the casing and doesn't contaminate the meat.
Hang the bungs to cool and dry.
Serve to customers and give free slices to the kids.

A lot of the commercial fritz is muck; absolutely disgusting.
It's a pleasure to find good fritz made by a local butcher who makes it with love and special spices.
My local butcher at Goodwood (121 Goodwood Road, Goodwood, SA) has just released his homemade bung fritz. Fantastic. It passed my taste test and scored a whopping 9/10; nobody gets a 10.

Visit the butcher and give it a try.

Here's a link to the Goodwood butcher ...

and for more information about bung fritz ...


  1. I just luv good fritz.
    Will check out the Goodwood butcher

  2. Excellent fritz at Goodwood.
    Best ever. Better than the commercial product


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