Rates down down @ Unley

At this week's Unley Council meeting, a low rate rise of 2.2% was endorsed; at the expense of debt that is forecast to climb to a whopping $17m by June 2017.
I argued against this increase in debt whilst keeping a low rate rise.
I called it fiscal irresponsibility; and it is.
The motion for a low 2.2% rate rise passed with a slim majority.
On the home front, we would not (or should not) increase our debt to reduce the yearly repayment. That's what has happened.
The low rate rise means that Unley is transferring the financial burden to our children and to us as we age; at a time when we can least afford it.

The low rate rise also will impact the financial viability of future projects across Unley.
I suggest that over the next 2 years Unley cuts the big projects and works on reducing the $17m debt. Projects that would be affected by a delay are Unley Oval redevelopment, King William Road upgrade, Millswood Sporting complexes, ... anything with a hefty price tag.

It's time for a serious rethink at Unley about reducing the debt and striking a fair rate rise that funds the many worthwhile projects. If we want to spend it, then we should be prepared to pay for it (now).
Next year we need to get it right; we should have done it this year.

Disclaimer: these thoughts are mine and trust me, do not represent Unley Council.