Quorn Cafe chillies

Last week I spent two nights in Quorn, the claimed entrance to the glorious Flinders Ranges.
Driving through the towns of Laura, Stone Hut, Melrose and Wilmington each town laid claim to being the start of the Flinders. Years ago these towns were booming; today they are sad remnants and struggle to survive. What impressed me was the width of the main roads; about 4 times the width of Goodwood Road; plenty of room to slip into the left lane and cruise along at 10kph and take in the sights and look-out for shops and places that warranted a quick visit.
Actually the town of Hawker is the real entrance to the Flimders; it's where you go either left or right around the ranges.

I was in Quorn to bury the ashes of my Mother who died in 2015.
Her ashes were interred at the grave of her father in the Quorn cemetery.
The local council (Flinders Ranges Council) was great to deal with. They placed a plaque and dug a hole in readiness for my visit. I placed the ashes and then back-filled the hole. It was a good family decision to take Mum back to Quorn.

Two pleasant days spent in Quorn. There are several eateries (or cafes) in town, but the only place to eat during the day is the Quorn Cafe. Excellent food and service and superb coffee for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.
@ the Quorn Cafe, conversation turned to chillies ... as it does. I suggested to the owner that the pumpkin soup would be enhanced by some chilli; I had noticed chilli plants in pots on the footpath, out the front. She dashed off and returned with a large spoonful of home made chilli jam; from her personal stock, not for the regular customer. Yum! Later she returned with a couple of yellow 'pineapple' chillies which I pocketed to take home to harvest the seeds. The next morning I was given a bowl of yellow chillies to enjoy with an egg and bacon toasted sandwich.
I have a return visit to Quorn planned for later in the year and will take some of my famed Harissa (spicey chilli paste) as a gift.
Chilli lovers just find each other 🌶🌶🌶