I wouldn't be surprised if the British people decide to exit the EU.
If I were British then I would probably vote to exit.
The desire to remain (and regain a British flavour) is strong.
Sure, there might be pitfalls and need for restructuring finances and trade.
Hopefully the British Government has made contingency plans for the event of a BREXIT; that would be a responsible government in readiness.

In thinking about a BREXIT, I recall an episode of that brilliant BBC series 'Yes Minister' or was it 'Yes Prime Minister'.
The Minister was caught in the dilemma of how to preserve the British pork sausage. If he embraced the EU then the British sausage would be sacrificed; as it could only be manufactured as per EU specification; and it would no longer be British.
He avoided the tangle of a closer embrace with the EU by declaring the British sausage sacred; and not to be sacrificed.

BREXIT is all about preserving the British pork sausage, preserving the British heritage and way of life; and about attempting to avoid the influx of recent refugees who have arrived in Europe (and Greece).

A tough call; but a necessary vote to be had.
Britain would be richer in culture and finances for the exit.
So, if I were British, then I would be voting for BREXIT.