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A few weeks ago I said that I was prepared to call the Federal election outcome, but wouldn't declare it publicly; as it's not my place as a Councillor to go around saying who I think will win. Here's what I said a few weeks ago ... election blues and reds

Three weeks later and with one week to go, I remain convinced of the outcome.
It's really a no brainer.
The long campaign period has flushed out the dills, identified the better performers and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the Labor and Liberal leaders. Unfortunately, it's only the leaders that really matter in our presidential style campaign. The local candidates can't have a private profile; they just have to fall into line and sing from their leader's song-sheet. It's rather sad when I know that a complete dill is going to get elected in a particular marginal seat in SA; and the incumbent is not that appealing either.

As we enter the final week, it will heat up and start to get ugly. All the campaign funds will be exhausted and spent on hard hitting and dirty advertising. Leaders will then only travel to areas where a seat can be won; in hope for it to be snatched away from another party.
Both parties will claim that the outcome will be a knife-edge result; which it won't be. The media will report on it, increasing the pressure on the voters; and the outcome will be more seats for the winner.
It's amazing how the polling results vary from week to week; as reported by the media, often with claims to information from private polling by the political parties. One week there's a clear winner in a seat and the next week it's back to a knife edge.
Take it with a grain of salt.

So, given the style of election campaign, in the House of Reps, there is only one choice; a choice between Bill Shorten or Malcolm Turnbull.
Trust me, the people's decision will be made on the merits of these leaders.

Most of us (the punters) made that decision weeks ago; perhaps months ago.
We just have to endure the events and news as the campaign rolls along.
It's sad that there is (in reality) less emphasis on the individual candidates.

Good luck. Choose wisely, especially in the Senate.


  1. I encourage all voters to carefully read all of the senate candidate policies prior to voting. You could be pleasantly surprised at some of the level headed and forward thinking candidates from the minor parties. You will also be shocked at some of the dimwitted candidates and their truly horrendous attempts to deceive the general populous (including red and blue). Don't throw your vote away, use its power wisely.


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