Solar windmill

Here's a great photo from the bush. Just love it!
A clash of old and new power saving technologies,
The windmill is iconic Australia.
Solar panels are delivering extra power, especially to the rural areas.

At Unley, in the Village Green, there is an old windmill; a relic from a bygone era when the area was primarily agricultural. One of my pet projects and desires is to restore the windmill and install an underground tank to be used to simulate pumping water. There needs to be a bit of controlled leakage just like with real windmills in the bush. Solar panels on the nearby Council building would power the pump and help to turn the windmill blades.At night, soft LED lights would highlight the feature. It would be a magnificent working art feature.
Before I leave Council, I want to see this happen.
I had better start working on it soon ;))


  1. A great pic. Luv idea of the working windmill at Unley. Would look great.

  2. What a wonderful idea. It would be glorious to see the old windmill restored and working and pumping.
    Nice idea about LED lighting at night.

  3. I like the idea. Would be great to see this happen.


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