Floppy peas

I planted a crop of climbing peas a couple of weeks back and they are rushing out of the ground. They like the cooler weather and hopefully will produce a bountiful harvest in a couple of months. I collected the seeds from last year. They are called Telegraph Peas due to their mature height; reaching for the heavens; with tall stakes to cling to.
By why, after 1,000s or millions of years of evolution and training, do the young pea plants tend to flop onto the ground. Later in life, in a few weeks they'll get the knack and be good clingers; and climb and cling.
Meanwhile they need a bit of twine to hold them upright.

It's a bit of a worry if that's your major concern at the moment 😉
Then again, gardening is a wonderful escape from the complexities and demands of the outside world.