Unley bed bugs

Bed bugs are not colour blind.
They have their preferences of colour of bed linen in which to hide.
Researchers have discovered that generally they try to avoid white, yellow and green; these colours are associated with sunlight and being exposed outdoors.
Results did vary depending on the age and sex of the bed bugs tested, but in general they didn't like the colours white, yellow and green. They preferred stronger colours where they could better hide.

Red and black colours were most likely to attract bed bugs. In fact:
Female bed bugs prefer lilac and violet and
Male bed bugs prefer red and violet.

So if you select the romantic colours of red and black (and lilac and violet) to liven up the bedroom, you may get more than you anticipated; perhaps a bite on the bum!

Link to research findings on bed bugs

Recently The City of Unley Council endorsed its Animal Management Plan 2016-2020.
It's a good looking document and for completeness it includes a section on Other Animals and Pests (page 41). Surprisingly, there is a reference to bed bugs.

Link to City of Unley Animal Management Plan 2016-2020

If you have ongoing concerns about bed bugs and just want to talk to someone, then
Phone +61 8 8226 6000 at the SA Health Department.
I encourage you to give them a call.