Caper bud pickle

This summer (just past) was a glorious season for capers.
Huge crops is SA and Unley.
You can pickle all parts of the caper bush; the leaves, the stalks, the caper buds and the caper berries. The best part is the caper bud.
Home pickled buds are superb compared with the commercial muck.
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Here's a recipe.

  • Pick a heap of caper buds; nice and firm.
  • Sort through them and remove the stems.
  • Rinse in a colander and then place on a tea towel and pat dry.
  • Place the capers in a jar and layer with fine sea salt. Tip: place some salt in the base of the jar before you add capers.
  • Use small to medium sized jars rather than a large one.
  • Cover the jar(s) with its lid and shake to ensure even distribution of the salt.
  • Remove the lid and cover the jar with a single layer of a paper napkin or tight netting (an old stocking or a piece of muslin) and keep in place with a rubber band.
  • Leave it in a place where it will get some airflow, but not in direct sunlight – a breezy kitchen counter top is ideal.
  • Each day, drain off any liquid that forms and add another spoonful of salt; and shake.
  • After about a week, or when the capers stop giving off liquid, transfer to a clean jar or storage container and cover with a lid.
  • The capers can be kept on a shelf for up to one year; keep out of direct sunlight.

After a year, I still have some that I kept in the fridge; and they are still looking good.



  1. Yum. Next year I will find some fresh capers and try the recipe.


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