French Australia, just imagine

Just image what might have been, back on 08 April 1802 in South Australia. We may have become French. They say it might have just been a matter of 5 minutes sailing as to who won the rights.
The French explorer Nicolas Baudin encountered and met ship to ship with English explorer Matthew Flinders. It was a harmonious encounter and Flinders was the victor. The French, despite having a strong historical claim (for Australia) lost; they walked (or sailed) away and Flinders took the credit and became a hero; and we became English.

But just imagine if Baudin had pushed his case and convinced Flinders of the French claim. Today in South Australia (and the rest of Australia) we would be French. We would be a republic, we wouldn't have an issue with our flag or national anthem etc.
For breakfast we would drink hot chocolate and coffee from bowls (and not from cups or mugs) followed by croissants. Every day, in the morning, we would go to the local baker and buy baguettes and then visit the butcher and local market to buy produce for the day.
And after lunch we would have a siesta; ideal in our Mediterranean climate. How civilised!

Just imagine what might have been.
We could have been French.
Secretly I'm not adverse to that scenario had it played out.
Had it, I would certainly speak French better than I do now.

On the down side, the wines wouldn't be as good.
We would be drinking wine imported from France ;)

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