Chinese trekking poles

Just back from a holiday in Tasmania ... or Tassie as we affectionately say.
A fantastic place to holiday. It would be paradise to live there.

I was walking around Lake Dove @ Cradle Mountain.
A long enjoyable walk at an easy pace, other than the up and down bits.
There were a lot of Asian (mostly Chinese) tourists. Only a few Aussies.
Quite a few were sporting trekking sticks/poles. They had been well briefed to be prepared and had their sticks. A pity they didn't also have decent hiking books. Most of the footwear were inappropriate.

Anyway, I was taking a breather; the excuse was to take in the sights as you should do; not just hike along at the fastest pace possible like some do - and see nothing.
An elderly Chinese family came along; most with trekking poles.
Friendly as usual, I passed some comment and pointed at the poles.
I don't recall what I said.
Anyway, this elderly Chinese woman (with poles and inappropriate shoes) smiled and offered me her poles; or one of her poles. I think that was what she was doing. She didn't speak English.
I declined her kind offer and we exchanged that international smile of understanding.
I have no idea why she thought I wanted her poles.

Later, I passed her and we again silently smiled at each other.


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