Best Mince Pies

South Australia's elite judging panel has rated the Christmas (fruit) Mince Pies at the Black Forest Village Baker as the best in the State.
The judges' comments included:
  • Good look
  • Pastry bottom raw
  • Nice chunky
  • Boozy filling
  • Pastry melts
  • Plenty of filling
  • Fine short shell
  • Not too sweet
  • Love the apple and zest
  • Looks handmade
  • Pastry is crumbly
The price is $1.80 each for a six pack.

I visited the bakery and did the taste test.
Fantastic. Best ever.
Almost as good as my Nana made.
The crust is deep and nice and crumbly - as it should be.

Orders have gone through the roof.

Do yourself a favour and pop in and buy a dozen.