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I’ve just read an article by Jason Murphy @ the about the probable growth of cars imported from China. Past attempts have been dismal and there have been serious concern and reservations about the lower quality of these imports. I think it will take many years for China to seriously penetrate the Aussie market. It needs to address the high rate of product recalls.
Jason Murphy explained that China is famous for product quality scandals. In 2008 there was the milk quality scandal that sickened thousands of Chinese children and killed at least six is only the most famous. The history of poor product quality can be seen in The Diplomat.
It says:
 “There are insecticides in dumplings, eggs repeatedly tainted with melamine, urea in bean sprouts, 40-year-old meats, hepatitis A in frozen berries, plastic rice, formaldehyde in beer, sewage used as cooking oil and tofu marinated in human feces. This brief list hardly runs the gamut, because for every scandal that breaks there are hundreds of unreported cases – and that’s only looking at food. Foreign nations have endured cyanuric acid in pet food, toothpaste adulterated with diethylene glycol (a chemical used in antifreeze and brake fluid), carcinogenic crayons, poisonous cough syrup, and toys containing date-rape drugs.”
In Australia we should not compromise quality, especially in the food sector.
However, by buying the cheapest and wanting food produce all year round we run the risk of buying food contaminated in overseas processing facilities. Buy only Australian grown and processed food.
As I have said before, buy local and buy what is in season. Support our local farmers and businesses.
Buy fresh Aussie berries only when they are in season. The berries from Tasmania are superb.
Next time you make a smoothie using frozen berries just think of that batch contaminated by sewerage.


  1. Aussie blue berries are on sale in the supermarkets now for $2.90 a pun net.
    Fresh and from Tasmania.
    I agree to only buy Aussie and only fresh.
    We need to be more seasonal eaters.
    I refuse to eat imported food.

  2. If we all paid a bit more for local goods we could this country back on track.


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