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I was recently on holiday in Port Douglas and Cairns.
Mid afternoon I was in the pool having a swim and cool off before it was gin and tonic time.
A few of the other swimmers, mostly women from down south (we all were from down there or now, from down here) were having a conversation about their mobile phones - how it never rings long enough.
Actually I had the same problem and had never bothered to fix it.
After the swim, shower and a lovingly made gin and tonic, I googled the problem.
They were impressed when I left a note on one of the sun beds with the code to enter into their phone.

To make your mobile phone ring longer before it diverts to voicemail,
Enter **61*101**30# (and from memory then press call).
Note: the 30 above is the number of seconds for the phone to ring.

Within minutes there were no women in the pool.
They were programming their phones and expressing delight that it works.
It will be damn frustrating for the caller when the phone now rings and rings and rings ...
Next day in the pool the women were still talking about it.
Overnight they had taken some calls without the usual ring-out.

[edit on 01-Oct]
The above code will only work for Telstra.
Instead of the 101 for voicemail to Telstra, insert the code for your service provided eg.
212 for Virgin ........ Enter **61*212**30#
321 for Optus ......... Enter **61*321**30#
121 for Vodefone ... Enter **61*121**30#


  1. Hi Bob. Great blog but I think the reason that all the girls were missing from the pool was that they were back in their rooms totally confused as to why their mobiles no longer worked. That particular code only works if you are a Telstra customer. Vodafone , Virgin and Optus etc have entirely different codes.

  2. Nonsense Fred.
    It's a generic code.
    All carriers use 101 to call voicemail.
    Try it. Did it work for you?
    It is unlikely that all of the women were on Telstra.

    1. Sorry Bob but I think you need to go back to mobile phone school. Telstra is 101 , Vodafone is 121 , Optus is 321 and Virgin is 212. Ask someone who doesn't have a Telstra phone to put your code in and let me know how you go.

    2. Fred, you're so right.
      I have egg all over my face.
      I have corrected the information in the blog.


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