Vodafone tower @ Goodwood Oval

A category 3 public notification development application has been lodged with Unley Council for a Vodafone phone tower at Goodwood Oval; on top of one of the light towers.
Sounds ok, however it may mean a new wider pole with a cage on the ground at the base.

To quote Cr Don Palmer on his blog ...

The application is to extend one of the light towers at the ground to accommodate the installation of a new telecommunications facility in this location. The tower in question is the south east tower adjacent the Hockey club rooms.
The application proposes extending the height of the Tower by 5 metres, from 25 m to 30 m high.
Category 3 applications are for non-complying development. Category 3 means anyone, not just immediate neighbours can lodge a representation to council’s DAP, whether for or against the proposed development.
I encourage you to examine the documents lodged, links for which are below. If you have a feeling about the development either way I then encourage you to lodge your representation to council, following the directions in the links to Mr Grant Croft, who as a senior planning officer is processing the application. If you do please make sure you lodge it at the council offices no later than 5.00 pm on August 12.
If you have concern, then lodge a representation, but hurry.

For more details and how to lodge a representation visit Cr Don Palmer's blog