Red Terroir War

Down in the South East, @ Coonawarra, there are SA Government plans to build a bypass road around Penola. A good idea. This will divert high speed traffic and heavy trucks away from the slower paced road used to visit wineries on the famed terra rossa soil.

Locals are angry because a proposed diversion cuts directly across vineyards on terra rossa soil that produce premium wines that sell for $100 a bottle. The local anger is led by Jonathon Hesketh of Parker Coonawarra Estate Wines. His proposal is that the bypass be shifted and lengthened so that it skirts to the east around the 15km x 1km region of coveted terra rossa soil.

This is a sensible alternative proposal.
I hope that the SA Government reviews the alternative and settles on a solution that has zero impact on the famed terra rossa soil.
It’s just common sense.
If you care (and you should) then contact your local MP and object to this unnecessary destruction. It’s bad for business, bad for the economy, bad for tourism … its just a bad idea.


  1. must agree
    what a terrible decision.
    hopefully the government changes its mind.

  2. the government must not carve up the red terra rossa soil.
    it should be heritage listed.


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