Big Belly

This is one kind of big belly that definitely looks good.
And it’s solar powered.
Big Belly is a public litter (waste) bin that provides on-site (in the belly) sorting of solid waste from recyclables and then compacts it. The compaction is such that the unit can hold 5 times as much. This unit is appearing on the Australian landscape and has recently been installed in the Flinders Ranges in SA. 
Benefits include:  solar-powered, automatic compaction, reduces collections by 4 times or more, eliminates overflowing bins, keeps litter in, pests out, demonstrates commitment to community & environment, educate the public, can provide marketing platform – Advertising mounts.  Youtube:
Unley Council is considering the merit and cost of Big Belly.

It certainly has merit and if the cost is right, it should have a big bellied future across Australia.


  1. what a fantastic idea.
    Sounds great for the remote areas. Will certainly reduce the number of pickups.


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