Time zone change

The proposal of a change to the SA time zone is back in the headlines.
The news agencies are reporting that 75% of the (1,000) respondents are in favour of a change.
The actual figures are:
42% want to move forward
37% want to move back

What hasn’t happened is more consultation throughout the community.
The average person in the street is not going to send in a submission.
My MP has not contacted me (or my neighbours) for our thoughts.

I advise the Government to not rush into this.
There is no real hurry.
Let us consider this over 12 months and then make a considered decision.
The Government needs to do a better job in selling the idea.

My thoughts are:
Stay as we are.
It keeps us aligned with Darwin and importantly more aligned with Asian time; and that gives us an advantage over the Eastern States.

If a decision is made soon (and in a hurry) then there will probably be a backlash at the next election.

Is it broken? No.
Is there really a pressing need? No.
If it is logical, then why doesn’t WA move to Sydney time? Fat chance. I’m just being silly, but the WA economy is bigger than that of SA.