Indian blue

The Fringe Festival has started in Adelaide and the city is coming to life.
Sunday night I was down at the Garden of Unearthly Delights to see ‘The Magnets’.
Absolutely fantastic.
The Garden has an improved layout this year and seems less congested.
It would have worse the night before on Saturday ‘Bogan Night’ with a temperature of 41 degrees C.

As I waited for a tram to take me home, the city came alive with green shirted spectators from the India vs. Pakistan Cricket World Cup match at Adelaide Oval.
(It was evident that many of the green shirted Pakistanis were leaving early due to a pending loss to India.)

Today, my Indian friend at work was beaming – he was just so happy.
According to him:
·         The crowd at Adelaide Oval was 42,000
·         There were about 1,500 Pakistanis
·         The rest (~ 40,000) were Indians
·         The spectators were only Indian or Pakistani

He’s wrong on the last point because on the tram ride home I encountered Don Palmer who had been to Adelaide Oval. Don with his yellow Aussie cricket cap would have been lost in a sea of Indian blue.


  1. I was at the oval.
    The noise was absolutely incredible.
    the Indian fans make a lot of noise for every ball.


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