$500 graffiti tag reward

I visited Forestville Reserve last night.
There were a few families out walking and visiting the newly developed area on the East side.
Someone jogged past. A lot of bikes zoomed through.
It's looking good. The culvert entrance to the creek has been improved with the top layer of stones removed - my suggestion - it was too high, over engineered and served no purpose.
Skaters were using the newly surfaced concrete. Some kids were shooting hoops at the basketball/netball court.
The new lawn is coming on nicely. The weather is perfect to get it started.
There is a mass of new plants and trees.
I would have planted more medium sized trees on the boundary. Perhaps they will go in later, but I suspect not.
All of this is in stark contrast to the ongoing vandalism of the long mural on the support wall for the tram overpass. Back in November I sat on the wall of the skate park and watched the spray can artists at work creating a fantastic mural. Their work was repeatedly vandalised by tossed paint and graffiti tags. Rule 101 of graffiti tagging is to not touch a mural. In this location that rule does not apply. It all got too much for the artists and I understand that at one stage they packed up cans and left the work unfinished. Word on the street is that the graffiti taggers will not give up ownership of this wall, it being theirs to freely tag over the past 40 years.

The creation of the mural is a fantastic State Government project and it's time to get tough, really tough with the taggers. I suggest night time police visits and perhaps installation of temporary CCTVs. They could be setup on the nearby train station. It will take time to address, but authorities must be proactive and persistent. No fresh tag should last a day. They need to be sprayed out on a daily basis. We can't just give up. I call on the authorities to get tough and throw resources at the problem. A reward for dobbing in a tagger may work. In fact the State Government introduced a $500 reward to dob in a tagger back in January 2014. There should be signs in the park asking people to be vigilant and advertising the $500 reward.